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Contestant Form Completion Checklist - Click on Icons/Links to complete tasks


________        Sign up for portrait sitting ASAP

________        General Production Information Sheet – submit here by June 16

________        Photographic Release Form – due at Kick-Off on August 5.


________        Program book information sheet - due August 5


________        Health form – due August 5


________        Contestant agreement – due August 5

________        Copy of birth certificate – due August 5


________        Program ads & money – due August 5


Class of 2023 Program Book (for reference)

Program Book Forms and Instructions (Print and Copy as needed) 

                             Guidelines                              Forms


(If you cannot print forms, contact and hard copies can

be mailed)

________        Talent Introduction – due August 20 (1st Rehearsal - see below) 


________        Accompaniment tracks – due August 20 (1st Rehearsal - see below)

________        Review Clothing Checklist

________        Sign up for Remind (text messages) 

Next group of forms will be emailed or handed out at rehearsal 

________        Judges forms – due August 27, 2023 (2nd Rehearsal)


________        Last day to order your reserved tickets – September 7, 2023

Class of 2024 Contestant Information


Studio Portraits: Each finalist will have a professional portrait taken by Cover Studio. You will schedule your portrait between 10:30am and 5pm on June 26-30 directly with Cover Studio. There is no charge for your portrait. Proofs will be sent to you.  Choose your favorite proof quickly so that the portraits are processed in time for the OYW Kick-Off event. If after scheduling you have a conflict, please contact Cover Studio.


OYW Kick-Off Event: The OYW Kick-Off Event is held at Bold Fitness in Johnstown on August 5, 2023, 12pm to 2pm. Participation at the OYW Kick-Off Event is encouraged as it’s a great place to get to meet the other girls and start forming friendships. 


Scholarship Fund:  You are not required to sell ads.  HOWEVER, 100% of all money raised by the contestants is awarded in the form of cash scholarships at the Finals in October. No contribution is too small to have a name listed in the program book. Please email with any ad questions.


***Due by August 5, 2023: Contestant Agreement, Health Form, Copy of your Birth Certificate, Program information page, Program Ads and Money.


Tickets: Every contestant will have at least 15 tickets reserved for them in the front center section of the auditorium.  Contestants will be assigned rows at random during kick-off, and those tickets will be available for purchase by that contestant's friends/family until September 7th, at which point all unsold tickets will be made available to the general public. All tickets will be sold online via Eventbrite.


Rehearsals: If there is severe weather on the day of a rehearsal, a notice of cancellation will be sent via e-mail, text message, and Remind by 11:00 a.m. the day of rehearsal.  You may contact Kristina Marinkovich, (814) 241-9428 or, however, we prefer you check e-mail, your text messages, and Remind, due to the large number of contacts.  If you will be late or are unable to attend a rehearsal, please notify Kristina preferably by text or Remind.  Sunday rehearsals are designated for learning the routines used in the show.  The talent rehearsal on September 10 will be scheduled so that you will have a designated time slot to go over your talent with the production staff - you will need your final costume, edited music, props, etc. at that time.  The two dress rehearsals in the final week before the show (October 3rd and 5th) will require that you have everything you will need for the night of the show.  Both rehearsals will be a complete run through and are NOT optional, you MUST be there!  All rehearsals begin promptly at the designated time and are closed to the public.  That means no parents, friends, coaches, technical assistance etc…


Judge’s forms: will be emailed out prior to the first rehearsal.  You will receive electronic copies of the forms.  Judges forms will be due on August 27, 2023 (2nd Rehearsal). Bring any questions you may have to your first rehearsal.


Talent Introduction: You need to describe your performing arts presentation and write an introduction for it…remember, your presentation CANNOT exceed two minutes. This information (along with any audio track to be used) is due August 20, 2023. This should be sent as an email text to Sherri Rae (

If you are using background music with your talent, we will need it EXACTLY as it is to be used in the program. No live accompaniments of any kind are permitted, unless you are playing the instrument yourself. Our production people cannot be responsible for “cutting” or “editing” your music to fit into the 2-minute time limitation. 

                Example Introduction: Kristina is no stranger to performing as she has been a dancer for 15 years. Tonight, she is thrilled to be tapping  to Proud Mary by Tina Turner.


Video Taping & Photography: Photo CD and DVDs of the entire show will be professionally produced.  Order forms will be distributed at rehearsals. Payment is due with the order. No video recording or flash photography is permitted during the show.

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