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Judging Criteria

Scholarship & Achievement

A panel of qualified educators evaluates transcripts of grades and scores of scholastic tests to determine the scholastic score.  A separate panel evaluates the achievements of contestants in their school and community to determine the achievement portion of the score.  The scores are added together (Scholastic Score is 75% and the Achievement Score is 25%) to determine the Scholarship and Achievement awards. 



Cambria Somerset Outstanding Young Woman Scholarship Program is open to women in the junior class that reside in Cambria and Somerset Counties.  The women should plan to be a senior in the same high school for the next term.  Guidance counselors will be authorized to provide copies of school transcripts.  If selected as a finalist, each contestant must be able to attend the program held annually in April.  


In a discussion session with each Outstanding Young Woman contestant, the panel of judges evaluates knowledge, perception, clarity or expression, sense of values and communication skills.


Aerobics & Fitness


Physical well-being and stamina, as well as coordination and agility, are evaluated during group aerobic routines featuring calisthenics. 


Performing Arts

Each contestant is permitted up to two minutes to display a talent of her own choice.  The total performance is evaluated for ability and skill in light of the difficulty, as well as stage presence. 


Presence & Presentation

Naturalness in carriage, posture and poise in moving about the stage are considered, as well as the ability to verbally communicate with confidence.  


Commitment to OYW

Score is assessed by the production team and OYW Board of Directors based on timeliness, deadlines, responsibility and respect for the mission of the program.